Welcome to Dolphpun.Net

OK, this domain is where I put all my personal stuff. There might be naked things here, so if you are not an adult, live somewhere where your government TREATS you like a child, or you are offended by the sight of penis or homosexuality, please go away.

The Hole in the Wall has moved.

hole in the wall

Generally this site is almost as ADhD as I am. I am a very old nerd. Well I am 39 now and can honestly say I have been playing around with computers since I was 13.

It is mostly an attempt to recover content from various projects, dead projects that I still keep, current projects, pictures of people I know. For right now I am just having fun digging through archives of stuff and attempting to reincarnate them all into what you see before you. As an ADhD critter, I have a LOT if interests and a lot if distractions.

Due to popular demand, I am slowly weeding through and making all sounds non-auto start, at least until I can rewrite the site to allow for shutting them off/on globally.

This page used to feature random content from the site. Its one of the places where sound will be on by default. Warning, you might see renders of guys kissing.

If you have talked with me and are expecting to see some other things, you have the wrong domain. If you think about it ... it will "net" you some results.