Gay midi files. ;)

This is a collection of midi files that no self respecting gay person wouldbe without. (Big Grin). They were simply .MID files I found about the nets...

Bewitchd.mid Have that extra special part of you that you hide from your friends, family and neighbors?
Bohemi2.mid Bohemian Rapsody (Queen's just so butch)
Dancingq.midDancing Queen (channeling the disco gods)
Greese.mid Travolta... the things I would like to do to that cleft in his chin... :)
Hopeless.mid Hoplessly Devoted (This week)
1812pm.mid for all the gay men of the military over the centuries. Don't ask & Mary can't you tell?
BlackAdd.mid The Black Adder... one of Britan's butchest men.
gb_Nugly.mid The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. (Diverse community no?)
StayingAlive.mid dedicated to everyone surviving with HIV today... keep "Staying Alive"
Piggies.mid Remember the Stonewall
In_Mood.mid Are you "In the mood" yet?
BeerPolk.mid Beer... The blessing of SIMs everywhere.
I_Shot.mid I shot "in" the sheriff?
Istanbul.mid Istanbull wasconstantanopolenoplie (how Giant is it?)
TimeWarp.mid Let's do the Time Warp again... I love Rocky Horror... I get to see straight men in drag.
MaryTylr.mid Mary Tyler More... /Go Girl !
Cantina.mid Ever see the inside of a gay leather/biker bar?
RadioGAG.mid Radio Gag Gag! (Here, gag on this...)
Relax.mid This song has the key to sexual satisfaction...
WizOfOz.mid And your little dog Toto too...
FeedBrds.mid Feed the Chickens! (Really big GRIN :)
Valkry.mid The Fat lady sings... (Mooooo!)