gg5 pictures

victory01 Alan Posey and UNKNOWN

friends "Friends"

victory02 Pete :Bronze ... The "crazy" german got Gold

people01 Discussing rules... (Growl)

victory03 Erik Richter Gold

group01 Wrestling Weigh-In

wrestling01 Match on Mat 1

event01 One of the guys I beat for the gold... "I'm done wrestling... its over... I wanna beer!"

victory04 A cute guy from Philly : Gold

ace_win Oh NO! Another one?? The 3rd one in a row?!?!

victory05 A bigger shot of me and the sports coordinator for Gay Games V

event02 "Meat Walk"

opening01 Closing Ceremony

wrestling02 "Shoot or Die"

waitin Johnny(back) Planning a later take down... Pete, Tony and a Re-Pete watch on.

opening02 "Beautyful body and a flag to protect it."

street Notice the Gay Games banner... they were EVERYWHERE!

canada "Oh Canada!!!"

dqueens West Hollywood Cheerleaders

team The GGC wrestling team

group02 Me and Pete "You are in my face... why?"

ace_yea "Sh*t eating grin"

wrestling03 Arm bar

wrestling04 Stalling

wrestling05 checkin Who am I and Where am I?

waitin2 Russ and Me

ace_01 Gold Medal Morning

ace_02 Due to a slinglet color screw up, my friend thought I lost... Next morning she found out I had won. I think she was happier for me than I was... and you have met my ego... :)

ace_look Wanna wrestle??